The Mission

Puzzle Them Home was created with the needs of this soon-to-be family of 12 in mind. Our goals for this project are two-fold:

  1. To raise sufficient funds to help Jeremy and Christianne build a home that is wheelchair-accessible plus provide some of the necessities and conveniences that would assist them in their dedicated endeavor to help all their children - biological and adopted - reach their full potential.
  2. To spread the word of adoption. This sweet family has caught a vision that most people never experience. Hopefully, through our efforts, others will catch their vision of selfless love and help more lonely children without families to find a place they can call home.

To meet these goals, we have created an exciting charitable opportunity: "Puzzle Them Home." We are asking others in our community, and even throughout the world, to rally behind this incredible family by "buying" pieces of a 5,000-piece puzzle. This puzzle will be custom made with a family picture of the Greens. Contributions of $50.00 per puzzle piece will quickly add up to a