The Story Behind Puzzle Them Home

In the spring of 2012, the Green family felt led to add two more children to their family of ten. They wanted to come up with a unique way to share their news with family and friends, so the children came up with the idea of producing a music video. This video was an inspiration. Within days, it had over 10,000 hits on YouTube and had people from all over the world in both laughter and tears.

One of those people was me, a neighbor of the Green family. After being touched by the video, I found myself thinking about their sweet children and the special needs that they each have. An idea began to form - one that I felt was inspired. What if I led a fundraiser for this family, with the end goal of moving them into a bigger home, one that was more special-needs friendly? As I talked with others in the community, I realized that the amount of love felt for the Green family was shared, and it was tremendous. So many people wanted to lend a hand in support, and I quickly formed a committee. None of us have ever worked together before, but united by this great, worthwhile goal, we are all excited to do our best to make this home a wonderful reality.

As a committee, we began to discuss in weekly meetings the needs of this project. We set a fundraising goal of $500,000, which would be used for the building of a house. While this is beyond the cost of an average home, this is not an average family. Because seven of the ten children have incredibly special needs, we are building this home to help accommodate those needs. One needed amenity will be an elevator - particularly for Cali,